Foundational SEO Audit

A manual in-depth audit of your website's SEO to uncover a path of organic growth


A foundational SEO audit is the first step to analyse and position the current state of your website's SEO. It provides clarity on what may need to be optimised and which technical errors need to be rectified for your website to be properly indexed and increase its' potential organic traffic.

It's for the driven business owner looking to increase their knowledge and organic potential of their website. It's the start of a relationship between understanding how your website performs and how it can be optimised to increase your site's sales or lead driving capabilies.

What is a foundational SEO Audit and who's it for?

SEO Audit Process



Identify & Establish

We have a conversation based on introductions to your business, current pain-points regarding organic search, objectives and establish firm footing for the next steps and necessary access needed to proceed with the audit.



We get our hands dirty by crawling your entire website, sifting through mounds of data and evaluating multiple variables that influence your technical SEO health.



A report is compiled accounting for our findings, providing insight into your websites SEO standings. Another feedback discussion is had to clarify the points identified in the report.



As part of the report, an actionable task list is established in order of priority. High-priority technical SEO action items are then executed with the intention of gaining quick-wins and organic traction.



Medium to low priority items are then addressed on a month to month basis thereafter, continuing to strengthen upon the foundation of increased performance.


Once the foundation is secure from a technical SEO standpoint, newly uncovered SEO strategies and implementations take place to further increase organic opportunities for your business.

Foundational Technical Error Analysis

What does the SEO Audit include?

Full Report PDF

Detailed Activity Report/Worksheet

Backlink Analysis

Website Performance Overview

Search Console Setup & Congifuration

Basic Keyword Research & On-page Meta Optimisation Worksheet

SEO Audit Benefits




Improved SEO Performance

Site Transparency

Clear Roadmap

Once you've actioned the detailed task list, the SEO performance of your site should lead to increased organic visibility and better user search alignment.

Gain a better understanding of your websites current SEO performance and in-depth insights into each contributing SEO variable.

A list of actionable tasks to be undertaken based on personalised recommendations extracted from the audit, providing clear direction to improved SEO.

SEO Audit Pricing + Packages

SEO Audit

Every website is unique and therefore our pricing structure is positioned to accommodate various website sizes and platforms.

Submit an audit enquiry to begin the conversation and receive your tailored audit package.

Additional Add-on Services:

- Technical Implementations

- Consulting

- Content Strategies

- Analytical tool setup

Audit Enquiry

How long will it take for the SEO Audit to be complete?


When should I expect to see results?

The expected delivery time for the SEO audit service is 3 weeks. You will be informed throughout the process and there will be open communication for updates.

Once the actionable items are complete, you should start to see improvements within 3 to 4 weeks. However, this is dependant on how actively you are implementing changes and optimisations and could realistically take 4 months to start gaining traction.

I've received the report, what's the next steps?

You can implement the outlined actionable task list yourself or alternatively request that I complete the tasks on an additional support project. Once all the items on the list are completed, we can address content strategy or setup a maintenance retainer to ensure your site is running optimally at all times.

What information and access is required from my side?

Majority of information required from your side will be uncovered in our initial call - these would be your objectives, pain points, previous SEO activity and general business insight. We would require access to your toolset ie. Google Analytics and Search Console (if you have this setup).




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Jessica Carolissen

We at OneDayOnly have worked with Marcel on and off for about 3 years now and we have loved every minute of it. We had many tricky projects, that required strategic thinking and forethought, which Marcel was able to manage effortlessly. What we love most about him is his ability to explain complex problems in a simple way. Moreover, we also received some training once the project was done which left us feeling empowered. He is professional and a pleasure to work with. I recommend him to everyone I meet.


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